Our Philosophy

We believe advertising should be high-quality, relevant to the audience, and involve as few middlemen as possible. Advertising should be about promoting a product or service to a relevant audience without violating the privacy of individuals. Bid Glass aims to build trust in audiences by working closely with publishers, advertisers, and offering simplicity, privacy, and relevant ads based on human decisions rather than algorithms.

About Bid Glass

At Bid Glass, we believe that advertising should be easy on all websites. We want to minimize the effort required for an advertiser to place a campaign directly on a website - including yours!

Improving the Direct Ad Sales Process

Think about it. What does your direct ad sales process look like now? How much friction are you introducing with lengthy onboarding, trafficking, and reporting processes, when many of today’s advertisers know what they want and don’t want to waste time. Bid Glass helps online publishers automate and scale their direct ad sales by empowering advertisers to create and manage their own campaigns.


Integrating with Bid Glass is easy. With a simple Prebid integration, you can invite direct advertisers to bid against your programmatic demand, driving competition and revenue as a result.

Services Offered

Bid Glass handles onboarding, campaign and creative management, billing, ad serving, and reporting, allowing your team to focus on high value tasks instead of line items. With Bid Glass, all you need to do is approve creatives.

Contact Us

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