Bid Glass was started in 2017 by Daniel Liebner, the creator of Smack Jeeves Webcomic Hosting. Smack Jeeves is a webcomic platform which has provided tens of thousands of comic creators with a convenient and highly-customizable means of publishing their comics to the web since its launch in 2005. Dan decided to create when he realized he needed a means of selling ad space directly that a) used a CPM-based bidding model and b) would allow him to monetize the impressions on Smack Jeeves lost to adblockers.

Our Philosophy

We believe advertising should be high-quality, relevant to the audience, and involve as few middlemen as possible. Advertising should be about promoting a product or service to a relevant audience without violating the privacy of individuals. Bid Glass aims to build trust in audiences by working closely with publishers, advertisers, and offering simplicity, privacy, and relevant ads based on human decisions rather than algorithms.