Bid Glass is a self-serve advertising platform for publishers who wish to sell their ad inventory directly to ad buyers.

For Publishers

As an advertising platform, can be utilized by publishers in several ways:

  1. Sell ad space directly to advertisers with direct ad tags
  2. Monetize adblocked impressions with our anti-adblock capabilities
  3. Integrate with a header bidding stack to give ad buyers direct access to header bidding inventory

Advertisers can view and bid on your inventory directly on your page. Your bid page shows your site information and ad units to prospective and returning advertisers. Each ad unit on your bid page provides relevant statistics such as traffic and audience geography and a bidding interface for creating campaigns. See an example of a live bid page here:

For Advertisers 

Bid Glass has been designed from the start to be appealing to advertisers by offering transparency and maximizing campaign performance. There are several key ways in which we are focused on campaign performance:

  1. The auction model: when placing a bid on an ad unit, you can confidently bid your maximum CPM rate. When demand is high, you will most likely end up paying your maximum rate, and when demand is low, you will likely get a discounted rate. That's because operates on a second-price auction model, meaning your bid is automatically adjusted to the minimum rate necessary to outbid the next-highest-bidder. For example, if you're the top bidder with a $2.00 CPM bid and the next highest bidder has bid $1.75 CPM, your effective bid will be adjusted to $1.76 CPM.
  2. Fill: ad units are always served at 100% fill. If you have a campaign running on an ad unit and you reach your maximum daily budget, if there are any unsold impressions left they will be distributed to you and any other bidders at no additional cost.
  3. Reporting: in addition to standard reporting features, we offer multi-creative campaigns which allow you to compare the performance of different creatives.